Post – Performance Discussion Ideas

Ideally the audience will be divided into two or more discussion groups, allowing more individuals an opportunity to express their ideas. Sharing ideas with the whole audience later is an option.

 Do you think the play has a moral or a particular message?

 What important issues arise from this play?

 How would you react if you were at a party, and people suddenly started fighting or attacking each other?
Would you run away?
Would you try to break up the fight?
Would you make a phone call? To whom?

What are the main problems related to underage drinking? 

Any one or more of the following?:

It affects your skin, gives you smelly breath and make you put on weight;

It affects your motivation do do anything (e.g. sports, school work, music)

It affects your ability to make safe decisions – (which can cause serious or fatal road traffic acidents / fighting/ unsafe sex > resulting in Sexually Transmitted Diseases or unplanned pregnancy)

It damages your organs – as they are not fully developed

What consequences should Blondie face for causing such serious injuries to Gary? Should he:

be imprisoned?  
do hours of unpaid Community Service?
spend time every week helping Gary’s family care for their son?
follow a course on the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse?
Any other suggestion

Are you happy with the portrayal of girls in the play?

Would you change anything regarding the attitude of some of the male characters towards them?

What does the scene with the game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” tell you about the attitude of some of the male characters towards women? Do they respect women?

The story of King-Hit originated in Australia, but similar incidents have occurred in Wales. Could a similar incident happen in your area?

 Who is to blame for the dreadful injuries inflicted on Gary?
Is it fair to blame one person?
Should Tula’s father shoulder some responsibility – having left a party in full swing at his home?
Was Gary at all to blame?

What do you think of Blondie’s attitude towards the Polish characters in the play?

Could his behaviour influence the attitude of others? How?

Does the play strike the right balance between comedy and drama?

Is comedy appropriate when dealing with such a serious topic?

What is the effect of providing two different endings to the play?

What ending would you create to King-Hit?

Are the play’s characters credible?

Why?/ Why not?

What techniques were used to build drama in the play?

What would you change if you were directing the production?

Would having more actors portraying the different characters improve the play or detract from its effect?

 Would you change the set if you were to produce the play?

How? Why?

The main ideas discussed in King-Hit include:







Taking a theme at a time, discuss how the theme was dealt with in the play. Consider the different characters as well as  the visual and aural impact of the performance.

Practical Drama Activities

Create an additional scene to the play. Which characters would you include in your scene?

 Create a scene between a group of year 11 pupils as they arrange to go out on Saturday night. What pressure is put upon them to drink alcohol? Are they all eager to drink alcohol? Do some of the group have other arrangements ?

Create a scene between a parent and a 16 year-old who is eager to go to a party with their friends – and where there will also be a supply of alcohol . What are the parent’s concerns? Is it possible for the young person to attend the party without drinking?

If you were to direct King-Hit, how many actors would you wish to perform in the production? Would you choose to use two actors or more? What would be the advantages/ disadvantages? 

Create a party scene in more than one way – with performers portraying numerous characters, then with more actors performing one character each.
When performing more than one character, what techniques can the actor employ to make it clear to the audience that they have changed character?

As an actor, which character in King-Hit do you think would be most challenging to play? Why?

What vocal and physical techniques would you need to consider to ensure your portrayal was credible?

 Devise a scene which includes a policeman and a young person, following a serious incident involving the misuse of alcohol.  Where and when does the scene occur? What other characters are affected by the events?

The link below will display the newspaper article which instigated the creation of the show KING-HIT.

Read the article and Discuss:

What elements of the original story have been preserved in the production?What elements have been added? (e.g.Character/ Humour/ Tension….) How has the company’s treatment of the story affected its dramatic effect?

Devising Activity:

Consider a topic presented in the news – or a subject which you feel requires presenting.

Research the topic in different media;Interview relevant officials and other people affected by the subject;

What different opinions become apparent – and what tensions appear?Consider which characters are required to present the story;

What style of performance will you use?

Who is the intended audience for the production – and how does this affect your presentation?

What kind of set, props, costume or music are essential to convey your subject?How will you use words in your production?

Create an outline of your show and ask another group to give feed back on it before you continue your devising process.