King Hit

King Hit
by Tom Lycos and Stefo Nantsou

Originally created and produced by Zeal Theatre, Australia 

Cwmni Theatr Arad Goch’s production of King Hit: 

Performers                                                  Owain Llŷr Edwards
                                                                        Rhodri Siôn

Stage Manager                                           Dan Jones

Director                                                        Tom Lycos

Welsh translation of King Hit                Owain Llŷr Edwards

Resource pack                                            Mari Rhian Owen, Teilo Trimble

Design                                                          Carwyn Blayney, Teilo Trimble

Photography                                               Keith Morris, Teilo Trimble



Short Synopsis of the Play

Tula is having a birthday party at her place and the theme is a Blues Brothers pizza night.


TULA                    Everyone’s coming, they’re all going to be here any minute now.


A big crowd arrives including the rugby boys, the geeks, the stoners and Narrator Ben.


BEN                        By the time I arrive, there’s a big crowd, noisy, and everyone’s                                     already half pissed


Ben’s best friend Gary and the big rugby giant Blondie start a growing feud.

BLONDIE             You touch one of our beers Gary, and you’re dead.

GARY                    It’s a party, come on, spare us a beer ya big goon!


The party goes into overdrive when Tula’s parents leave the house and the pizzas arrive.


BLONDIE              Nothing worse than a stoner with the munchies.

COREY                   Or the cliché meathead footy jock with the brain the size of a rat                                   turd.

BLONDIE              I could squash you with one finger you little jerk.


Ben’s fear and paranoia grows into a full blown anxiety attack.


BEN                        Sometimes you can feel it in the air, like something really bad is                                   about to happen.


Everyone starts losing control when the Rugby boys’ drinking game gets out of hand.


BLONDIE              Right…whose turn is it? Everyone gets a go… exceptions, no                                excuses…


Gary steals the rugby boys’ beer and the party turns ugly.


BLONDIES            Who stole all our beers?

GARY                     It was the Tooth Fairy…and Santa Clause, and now they’re both                                  maggotted…haha ha


Blondie king-hits Gar and the back of his head hits the edge of the coffee table.


BEN                        You can hear that crack and squelch sound…and then the next                                   bit I find hard to believe…


The rugby boys stomp on Gary’s head and leave the party; police and paramedics arrive and Gary is in a coma.


GARY’S FATHER  The doctors asked us to turn his life support off but we wouldn’t                                 let them.


The second half of the play is a documentary-style describing the post-king-hit events


CATHY                  Let’s move him outside so your parents don’t find out.

BARTEK                It was brutal, I mean really, really brutal….and all over a couple                                    of beers.

PARAMEDIC        I don’t think this boy will make it.

BLONDIE              Wasn’t my fault, it was the coffee table that killed the guy.

TULA                      It was all my fault, I shouldn’t have had the party.

BEN                        I felt like a coward ‘cause I didn’t help Corey.


Corey’s family are at the hospital every day, Ben visits and apologises for not helping save the fight.


BEN                        No one likes me ‘cause I ran out on ya. I’m still your best                                               friend. Gary? Can ya hear me?


The play ends with a recreation of the events leading up to the king-hit and how easily it could have been avoided.


King-Hit Performance Style

The performance style draws the audience into the fascinating world of its numerous characters – using accurately observed humour and precise characterisation.

As with all Zeal Theatre productions, KING-HIT is performed in a minimalist style – there are no props and extremely minimal costume changes.

The set is only two stages and two stools with a black and white chequered mat delineating the kitchen area of the party.

Even so, the show is engaging and and accessible to a wide audience.


Arad Goch is proud to be producing another of Zeal Theatre’s shows and to welcome Tom Lycos back to direct this production. We are always glad to hear from pupils or teachers who have experienced one of our shows. Contact us with your comments or questions at:


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